Sprint 42-43 - September 21

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Scorm Cloud Integration

We’ve addressed a crucial business need by seamlessly integrating E-Learning courses hosted on Scorm Cloud into our platform.

What’s new?

Administrators can effortlessly add E-Learning courses, selecting from different types, including Crossknowledge and Scorm Cloud, with the option to input the Scorm Cloud ID when applicable. Additionally, administrators can view and filter participant lists using the user/member ID.

Course participants can register for and access E-Learning courses within the AO platform. Upon registration, a tailored “Thank you” page directly links the course content, enhancing the participant’s experience.

The Scorm Cloud Integration is a significant enhancement that simplifies E-Learning course management, registration, and accessibility for administrators and participants. Organizations can centralize their course-related activities within our platform while maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Please contact our supportĀ support@alreadyon.com to assist you with Scorm Cloud account creation and set-up in the AO platform.

The Scorm Cloud Integration feature can be easily turned on or off for individual organizations, so please contact us at support@alreadyon.com, and we will gladly help you with this inquiry.

  • Feature
Divide card payments

Before, the system allowed only one Stripe account per invoice issuer. To accommodate this requirement, we are enhancing the functionality to enable the association of one Stripe account with each invoice issuer.

Our enhancement ensures that payment methods remain configurable on a per-invoice issuer basis. This means some invoice issuers can provide card payment options while others may not. Furthermore, each issuer can be linked to the same or different Stripe account.

This enhancement empowers organizations to manage card payments more flexibly and efficiently, aligning with their specific business needs.

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Product Improvements

Comment field on course participant

We have now added the possibility to add comments for each participant. The admin can do it directly on the participant’s card and, afterwards, can see and export it on the participant list.

Extended “Actions” button on course participant list

Now “Actions” button has several options which were not there before, such as:

  • Generate invoice for the course
  • Send course certificate
  • Change status of the participant

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