Choo i Skyen December 9, 2020

  • Feature
Updates for Product categories

A new adjustment has been made inside the “Product categories” feature. Before the adjustment, Super Admin was able to set up the list of Product categories to be used inside product lines for activities/courses, when the course is created by course leaders from My Page. The core functionality stays as is, the only change is that now the Product category consists of the following fields:

  • Product category name,
  • Account,
  • MVA,
  • Invoice issuer,

which means the Account place has been removed from this scope. Instead of that, course leaders now are able to choose Account place and Project number directly. Account place and Project number are the same for all products connected to the course if you create the course from My Page. Super Admin is still able to use any combination of Account, Account place, Project number, MVA inside the Back Office.
How to use the new functionality:

  • Create a set of Product categories in Settings -> Product categories. These Product categories will be shown in the “Products” step of the course creation on My Page.
  • Go on My Page, and create there a new course. In the “Products” step you’ll see two new fields with the lists of Account places and Project numbers connected to the chosen Invoice issuer. Choose the correct Account place and Project number, add product lines, and save changes.
  • Feature
Custom fields on courses for internal routines

We’re releasing an ability to add custom fields for courses of your association. This feature gives you the ability to put extra fields if you feel something is missing in our core fields for courses.

The list of supported field types is the following:

  • Text field (small)
  • Text area (big text field)
  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown
  • File uploading

By default, this feature is turned off, and you may request it separately. After the request sent to us, we’ll define the list of fields you’d like to add. These fields will be available for all Super Admins and course leaders in accordance with their regular rights, and will not be shown for course participants.

How to use:

  • Request a feature, and we’ll set up a list of fields for your organization separately.
  • We’ll turn on these fields for you.
  • Back-Office Admins will be able to see and edit all the fields from the course card inside the Back-Office course card, settings tab.
  • Course leaders will be able to just see (Course Contributors) or see and edit (Course Editors, Admins, Super Admins) all fields on the course card, settings tab.
  • Feature
Changes for massive operations in Back-Office

The new logic is launching to the Back-Office lists where massive operations are possible. To prevent massive mistakes, now it won’t be possible to do huge bulk operations without choosing the particular entitiy/entities from the list. E.g, now it won’t be possible to issue a manual or subscription invoice to all people of the association or assigning a subscription to all of them. Instead, Back-Office Admin should choose a person (or a few people) by clicking on the checkbox near the person’s name (or company, level name), and then the ability to issue invoices to chosen entities. Maximum 250 people/companies/levels/etc may be affected at once.

  • Feature
Public API

We’re working on extending the functionality that is available through Public API. For that purpose, a bunch of adjustments has been made during the current release. Public API is available for creating members in Choo i Skyen – talk to us if you’re interested.

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