Sprint 31-32 - December 7, 2022

  • Feature

We have added Månedsrapport to Administrator, on the Settings tab.

Månedsrapport can be taken per invoice issuer and only for the closed period.

Each invoice issuer in Choo has two balance accounts:

  1. Payments – this account summarizes all payment transactions minus refunds.
  2. Accounts receivable – this account summarizes all invoices minus payments and credit memos.

Balance is shown in three fields in the report:

  • IB (Incoming balance) –  is the outgoing balance of the month before. 
  • Change –  has all the changes: transactions and invoices during the chosen month.
  • UB (Outgoing balance) is the calculation of IB with Change.

  • Feature
Bulk tagging

We have added the possibility of tagging several people from the person list with one or several tags.

By checking the needed group of users Administrator can now add, create or remove tags.

  • Feature
Statistics for the whole organization

We have added the possibility to visualize general statistics for the whole organization.

General statistics contain the sum of all the levels we have per organization, which will make it easier to have an overview of the main things that are displayed in the statistics module.

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