Sprint 28 - August 31, 2022

  • Feature
Possibility to add a discount on manual invoice

We have added a feature for the admin to add the discount on a product in the manual invoice generation in Back Office. 

When creating a manual invoice in the Back Office, admin is able to add the discount in currency(not percentage) for the products in the invoice. And the added discount is extracted from the Price of the Product (“Price excluding MVA“)

Note that added discount cannot be bigger than the Price excl. VAT. The added discount should be less or equal to the Price excl. VAT, but not bigger. 

The feature is applied to persons/levels/companies in the system. 


  • Feature
Go back button

We have added functionality to use the “Go Back“ option on Administrator. This feature works as a history button that directs users to the page where they came from. 

The main pages do not display the “Go Back“ button. So when the user clicks on the navigation menu and opens any of them, there won’t be a “Go Back” button displayed.

There are some exceptions that the “Go Back” button will not be displayed:

  1. If users accessed the page using an external source such as a link, then the “Go back” button will not be shown
  2. For the wizard form which already has the “Go back” button
  3. For the pages with multiple tabs, the “Go Back” button always leads to the list, not to the previous page


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